Aldebaran Robotics
Bruno Maisonnier, founder of Aldebaran Robotics, has been convinced for 25 years that the era of personal robotics is coming. During these years, he has developed prototypes, evaluated technologies, met with research teams and analyzed the markets, in addition to serving as the CEO of several companies with multicultural contexts. With the rise of mobile technologies and the coming together of key collaborators, the potentials have now become the possibilities: in 2005 he launched Aldebaran Robotics, the first French company dealing with humanoid robotics.

TheCorpora sees as a personal and romantic project, with the firm intention of bringing Robotics to the people and their homes. TheCorpora created a platform as standard and as open as possible with the aim of encouraging the emergence and growth of a true ecosystem enabling the use, benefit, development and enjoyment of applications that can be used in people's daily life.

ROBOTIS is a personal robot company, which was established in 1999 by robot enthusiasts who wanted to make robots "Closer to Real." The Korean company mainly manufacturing educational and entertainment robots to explore the market in the beginning. Today, they are sharing their vision with more than 20 countries worldwide. They keep the focus on R&D, providing customers more reliable products with affordable price. As shown in their motto, they believe that evolving robot technology will eventually contribute to all mankind with intelligent services, just as PC was originated from high tech into everyday life.