DARwIn Academics
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DARwIn Academics Edition

Robot Manufacturer: Robotis
Robot Code: DARwIn Academics Edition
Origin Country: Korea
Price: $9,590 Ex Tax and Shipping

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STEM Topics:
Computer-Science, STEM


Humanoid robot designed for research and higher education.

• Robot : Fully-assembled DARwin-OP robot
• Accessories: Battery and charger, color cards, USB thumb drive (with installed recovery software)
• Software: Quick start and Robotplus CD

Technical Specs:

- Default walking speed: 24.0 cm/sec (9.44 in/sec) 0.25 sec/step - user modifiable gait
- Default standing up time from ground: 2.8 sec (from facing down) and 3.9 sec (from facing up) - user modifiable speed
- Built-in PC: 1.6 GHz Intel Atom Z530 on-board 4GB flash SSD
- Management controller (CM-730): ARM CortexM3 STM32F103RE 72MHz
- 20 actuator modules (6 DOF leg x2+ 3 DOF arm x2 + 2 DOF neck)
- Actuators with durable metallic gears (DYNAMIXEL MX-28)
- Self-maintenance kit (easy to follow steps and instructions)
- Standby mode for low power consumption
- 3Mbps high-speed Dynamixel bus for joint control
- Battery (30 minutes of operations), charger, and external power adapter
   (Battery can be removed from robot without shutting down by plugging in external power before removal)
- Versatile functionality (can accept legacy, current, and future peripherals)
- 3-axis gyro, 3-axis accelerometer, button x3, detection microphone x2

special note for Academics version:
1-year warranty, which is good for the replacement of defective parts ONLY.
ROBOTIS will not provide the customer with DARwIn-OP maintenance. The customer must be able to repair/maintain the DARwIn-OP themselves. (replace broken servo motors, etc.)

Family Description

Open Platform Humanoid Robot

DARwIn-OP (Dynamic Anthropomorphic Robot with Intelligence–Open Platform) is an affordable, miniature-humanoid-robot platform with advanced computational power, sophisticated sensors, high payload capacity, and dynamic motion ability to enable many exciting research and education activities.

While this robot is an open platform, (software and hardware) RobotsLAB is proud to provide robots and services for researchers and teachers.
Buying a DARwIn-OP robot from RobotsLAB means that you will enjoy our well-known support, training and personal service.