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Robot Manufacturer: RobotsLAB
Robot Code: STEM BOT 3D Class
Origin Country: USA
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STEM Topics:
3D Printing, Computer-Science, STEM


The STEM-BOT 3D program is a revolutionary approach to engineering and computer science education. The curriculum teaches students how to 3D print a robot, assemble it, work on the electronics, and finally program it using Scratch.

The program is modular - teachers can focus on assembly and 3D printing (by ordering motors and electronics only), on the programming (by ordering a pre-built robot), or everything in between.

The job-creating curriculum offered with the STEM-BOT 3D is vast and can be tailored to all levels of education and integrate into every classroom very quickly and effectively. The curriculum is designed to introduce the students to the process of design, manufacturing, and construction of a complex robot. Once the STEM-BOT 3D is constructed, students are then challenged to use their creation to solve problems that are based around mathematics and physics.

Each chapter offers an engaging way to help students learn the mathematical, theoretical, and technical fields needed to succeed in an engineering career.

STEM 3D Class Includes:

  • STEM BOT Class: including 15 STEM BOTS
  • 15 software licenses for programming
  • All electronics and sensors, pre-assembled on the board
  • All the wires and servo motors
  • 3D printing files of all the parts
  • Curriculum including teacher’s and student’s books
  • Warranty on all the electronics, sensors
  • Customization skins

Family Description

3D Printing is the industrial revolution of our time. 3D Printers are entering more and more schools, but without a curriculum this investment won't be used to its full potential.

Our team worked hard and developed this program that helps students preparing themselves to their career or college future.